A Classic Design Home – Kauai, Hawaii

    Kauai, HI / 2011

    This new Kauai home featured a mix of angles and curves in its design. The kitchen was created to be a half a circle and the breakfast area was then designed to complement this, echoing the remainder of the circle in its form!

    Overall the character of the remodel plays the different geometries of angles and curves off each other - the room relationships and hallway connections giving interest in the volumes as well as in the textures.

    Built on a steep slope in Princeville on Kauai, the cylinder form of the kitchen is expressed externally with a copper metal roof and this acts as a hinge, pulling the first floor wings inwards to the house. The 2 story element of the home rises behind and becomes the centerpiece of the interconnecting roof forms below.

    The home combines 3 full master suites within the 2,940sf living area and fits snugly into the fabric of the Princeville resort.